David Brown to speak at January 2015 water conference

When it comes to water rights in the arid Southwest, no one can afford to ignore Tribal water rights and claims.  On behalf of our clients in the Little Colorado River and Gila River adjudications, Brown & Brown has been an active participant in Indian water rights settlement negotiations here in Arizona.  Federally-recognized water settlements with the Zuni Indian Tribe, the Gila River Indian Community (the Arizona Settlement Act) and the White Mountain Apache Tribe are examples of successful negotiations that have benefited many of our clients and the Tribes.

Addressing the importance of Native American water right claims in Arizona and other southwestern states, Law Seminars International (LSI) is sponsoring a two-day conference in January 2015 called “Tribal Water in the Southwest – New legal and regulatory developments, challenges and opportunities.” Experienced professionals will gather in Scottsdale to present an informative seminar about a wide range of subjects, such as available technical resources, obtaining federal funding for settlements and the impact of Clean Water Act regulations on Tribal water right negotiations. The conference will be held January 15 and 16, 2015 , at the Courtyard Scottsdale Salt River, 5201 North Pima Road in Scottsdale, Arizona 85250.  For those who cannot make it to Scottsdale, LSI will stream a webcast of the conference.

David Brown and his co-presenter, attorney Patrick J. Cunningham of Scottsdale, will wrap up the two-day event with their talk, “Ethical Considerations for Lawyers Involved with Indian Water Settlement Negotiations and Management Issues — Joint Confidentiality Agreements in water rights and contact with represented parties – What could go wrong?”

Visit LSI’s website for the full schedule of presentations and faculty.


Tribal Water in the Southwest - Courtyard Scottsdale Salt River - 5201 North Pima Road, Scottsdale, Arizona